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Café Diem, Norland
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Who's on council?

Haliburton DVD
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"In the city, I lose my mind . . . in the Highlands, I find it."

Municipal Election - List of Candidates
* Mail Ballots by October 17 *

Votes will be counted on Election Day - October 27, 2014. Be sure your ballot is received on time.

Township of Algonquin Highlands
Vote by mail
Carol Moffatt (acclaimed)
Councillor Ward 1: Brian Lynch, Sarah Coombs
Councillor Ward 2: Lisa Barry, Elizabeth Danielson (both acclaimed)
Councillor Ward 3: Bob Buckingham, Marlene Kyle

Municipality of Dysart et al
Vote by mail
Murray Fearrey, Janis Parker
Deputy-Reeve: Dennis Casey, Andrea Roberts
Councillor Ward 1: Bill Davis, Bob Nichol, Nancy Wood-Roberts
Councillor Ward 2: Steve Dunec, Derek Knowles, David McKay
Councillor Ward 3: Bill Sinclair, Tammy Donaldson
Councillor Ward 4: Susan Norcross, Aaron Walker
Councillor Ward 5: Walt McKechnie (acclaimed)

Municipality of Highlands East
Vote by mail
Dave Burton, Steve Cosentino
Councillor Ward 1: Steve Kauffeldt, Cam McKenzie
Councillor Ward 2: Suzanne Partridge, Adam Szelei
Councillor Ward 3: Cecil Ryall, Donna Graham
Councillor Ward 4: Joan Barton, Todd Bertram

Township of Minden Hills
Internet and telephone voting in conjunction with a paper ballot at a voting location
Reeve: Brent Devolin, Brigitte Gall, Barb Reid
Deputy-Reeve: Rick Ashall, John Beattie, Cheryl Murdoch
Councillor at Large: Daryl Moore, Ron Nesbitt
Councillor Ward 1: Jeanne Anthon, Lisa Schell
Councillor Ward 2: Ken Redpath, Pam Sayne
Councillor Ward 3: Richard Bradley, Jean Neville

Fall Colours

Get the Fall Colour Report

View from the Dorset Tower

Haliburton Concert Series presents Pianist Mauro Bertoli

Pianist Mauro Bertoli will be the guest artist when the Haliburton Concert Series presents the final concert of its 2014 season on Sunday, October 19. Mr. Bertoli was born in Italy and has been the winner of many international piano competitions. He was educated in Italy, Sweden, Brussels, and Paris and has performed in festivals and concerts around the world. He is now a member of the music faculty of Carleton University in Ottawa and has received accolades from world-famous pianists Louis Lortie and Philippe Entremont. During the concert Mr. Bertoli will play music by a variety of composers including Clementi, Brahms, Liszt, Granados, and Debussy. The final item on the programme will be the popular Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin. The concert takes place at 7:30 p.m. in the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion. Refreshments and an opportunity to speak with Mr. Bertoli will follow the performance. Tickets are $30 for adults and $10 for students and are available from Elaine Bell at or 705-457-9422.

Heat Bank

Heat Bank Haliburton County is a new community initiative with a mission to increase the supply of and ease of access to emergency firewood and heat for vulnerable residents of Haliburton County. Made up of a network of community agencies, organizations, community members and companies, the new organization is committed to ensuring that residents within Haliburton County have access to emergency heat when they need it. They recognize that struggling households can be faced with many challenges and so their aim is to eliminate the need to have to sacrifice on heat in order to purchase other necessities.
Find out more at

Some Bear Wisdom

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are reminding people to take simple precautions to prevent attracting black bears. The potential for human-bear conflicts increases when there is little natural food available for bears. If this happens, black bears will search for other food sources, such as garbage and bird feed, which can draw them to populated areas. To minimize the chances of attracting bears:
* Store garbage in waste containers with tight-fitting lids.
* Put out garbage only on the morning of pickup.
* Put away bird feeders. Seed, suet and nectar also attract bears.
* Pick fruits and berries as they ripen don't let them rot on the ground.
* Clean outdoor barbecue grills after each use, including the grease trap underneath. Bears will be drawn by smells from great distances, including grease and food residue on grills. Learn more about what you can do to keep bears out of your neighbourhood at

Who To Call if You Encounter a Bear

If a bear is posing an immediate threat to public safety by exhibiting threatening or aggressive behaviour, call 911 or your local police. At the request of police, during daylight hours the Ministry of Natural Resources will respond to emergency situations to assist.
For non-emergencies, the Ministry of Natural Resources operates the toll-free, 24/7 Bear Reporting Line (1-866-514-2327) and the Bear Wise website to provide the public with information and advice.
See also: Bear Encounters - Who Do I Call?

Summer Weather Hazards

Summer weather hazards are now more common than ever. Expect anything from hail and heat waves, to thunderstorms, flash floods and tornadoes over the next few months. Help protect yourself, your family and your property by knowing what to expect and how to prepare for it. Visit the Environment Canada website for information about lightning, rain, floods, storm surges, thunderstorms, wind, tornadoes, hail, heat and humidity, fog and frost, as well as air quality and the UV index.

Could you be a Big Brother or Big Sister?

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kawartha Lakes - Haliburton promotes and monitors long term supportive friendships with children that will benefit from quality relationships with caring adults. There are some little brothers and sisters in Haliburton County who are waiting for someone to commit to spending time with them. If you love children and have some time to give, please check out this link: Is mentoring for you?

2014 Destination Guide

The shiny new guide is out! Pick up your copy around the county, or have a peek online:

2014 Haliburton Highlands Destination Guide

Promoting the Haliburton Highlands!

The Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization (OHTO) has completed a pilot series video project. The video above, for the Haliburton region, features the Sculpture Forest, Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve, Sir Sam's Ski & Bike, and Sir Sandford Fleming College. The OHTO will be using these videos on their website to promote the Haliburton Highlands.

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Seniors: Need a Ride?

Community Care Haliburton County would like to help seniors who live in remote areas of our county to get into town to do their weekly shopping, banking, prescription pick up, etc. If you, or someone you know, may be interested in this service, please contact Judy at 457-2941 or by email. Community Care wants to help our seniors get to where they need to go.

Have you seen
the Eight Wonders of Haliburton County?
  • Ritchie Falls
  • View from Dorset Tower
  • Hawk River Log Chute
  • Sleeping Woman in Sculpture Forest
  • Gull River
  • Autumn Colours
  • Essonville Church
  • Furnace Falls
The winners of the Canoe FM contest were announced on September 1, 2007.

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