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Lightning Safety

June, 2012 - Did you know that lightning flashes occur in Canada about 2.34 million times a year, including about once every three seconds during the summer months? Did you also know that each year in Canada, lightning strikes kill up to 10 people, seriously injure up to 164 others, and ignite some 4,000 forest fires? Environment Canada has provided the following information to keep us informed about lightning and its dangers.
    The first and most important thing to remember is that if you can hear thunder, you are within striking distance of lightning. Take shelter immediately, preferably in a house or all-metal automobile (not convertible top). If caught outside far from a safe shelter, stay away from tall objects, such as trees, poles, wires and fences. Take shelter in a low lying area.
    Once indoors, stay away from electrical appliances and equipment, doors, windows, fireplaces, and anything else that will conduct electricity, such as sinks, tubs and showers. Avoid using a telephone that is connected to a landline.
    If you are in your car during lightning, do not park under tall objects that could topple, and do not get out if there are downed power lines nearby. If you are caught outside, don't stand near tall objects or anything made of metal, and avoid open water.
    If caught on the water in a small boat with no cabin during thunder and lightning, quickly get to shore. Boats with cabins offer a safer environment, but it's still not ideal.
    Remember, there is no safe place outdoors during a thunderstorm. Once in a safe location, remain there for 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder is heard before resuming your outdoor activities.
    People who have been struck by lightning do not carry an electrical charge and can be safely handled, but victims may be suffering from burns or shock and should receive medical attention immediately. If you come across someone who has been struck, call for medical assistance immediately and, if breathing has stopped, administer mouth-to-mouth or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
Additional precautions to take during a lightning storm...

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Nuisance Bears - Know Who to Call

June, 2012 - Spring is here and in Haliburton County, that means the bears are awake, hungry, and looking for food—perhaps on your property. Incidents involving conflicts with bears are primarily the responsibility of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).
   The MNR operates a toll free Bear Reporting Hotline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from April to November. Trained MNR staff answer these calls and determine the appropriate response. If there is an immediate threat to public safety, the OPP will respond to emergency calls about any wild animal, in support of the MNR response.

The toll free Bear Reporting Hotline is 1-866-514-2327.

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Meet Sebastian!

May, 2012 - He's adorable. He's soft and cuddly. His name is Sebastian and he is the 16th bear in the Haliburton Highlands Health Services Foundation collection. For just $20 you can take this beautiful bear home with you! Each year the foundation introduces a new bear, and over the years these stuffed bears have raised a total of $78,000 for priority medical equipment and technology for the hospitals and health care facilities in Haliburton and Minden. You will see Sebastian all over the county as many stores and businesses are supporting the HHHS Foundation by selling the stuffed bears. For more information, including a list of locations, please visit the Health Services website at

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Got Ants?

May, 2012 - It's spring and that means, in addition to the wildlife we love to see, we will also likely encounter less welcome creatures, such as ants. Before you go out and buy those toxic ant traps, why not try one of these natural solutions:

- Ants hate the smell, and it removes the scent trails that they use to get around. See

Mint, Talcum Powder, Cucumber, Cinnamon, Garlic
- these are just some of the things ants really dislike. And they won't harm our kids and pets. See or

Icing sugar and baking soda
- See

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Colourfest 2011 Receives Awards

April 18, 2012 - Festivals & Events Ontario (FEO) recently announced its 2012 Achievement Award winners. These awards, handed out to FEO members, showcase different elements of festivals or events that stood out in the previous festival year. Congratulations to Colourfest 2011 for winning two awards: Best New Festival or Event ($100,000 or less) and Best Promotional Campaign ($100,000 or less). Colourfest took place on Saturday, October 1, 2011, and was organized by the Haliburton Village Business Improvement Area (BIA), with Jerelyn Craden as Event Coordinator. Congratulations to the people behind this great event!

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Minden Area Bridges Dedicated To Fallen Police Officers

April 27, 2012 - Yesterday, Ontario dedicated three bridges along Highway 35, in the Haliburton area, in the memory of fallen Ontario Provincial Police officers. Constable Eric Nystedt was stabbed to death on July 3, 1993. Corporal James Smith and Detective Sergeant Lorne J. Chapitis were both shot to death on December 11, 1968. All three were killed in the line of duty. Memorial signs with each officer's name and police service crest have been posted at each end of the bridge honouring them.
   "These bridge dedications serve as a memorial of the sacrifice that these three officers made and also serves as a reminder of the risks that all police officers face on a daily basis as they serve communities across the province." (Chris D. Lewis, Commissioner, OPP)

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Missing Teen Found

March 24, 2012 - Thirteen-year-old Gabrielle Raymond had been missing since 12:00pm Friday March 23 when she was last seen on Conway Road, outside of the Village of Kinmount. The OPP requested the assistance of the public in locating the missing teen. They are now thanking everyone who helped by posting it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Gabrielle has been found safe and in good health. The search lasted overnight and involved OPP officers from the Haliburton Highlands Detachment, Central Region OPP Emergency Response Team, Central Region OPP Canine Unit, Central Region Snowmobile, ATV and Vessel Enforcement (S.A.V.E.) Unit, the OPP Helicopter and members from the CFB Trenton ? Search and Rescue. On the morning of March 24, 2012, the missing youth was spotted from the air by the OPP Helicopter. Officers on the ground were directed to her location and she was transported out of the bush to waiting paramedics, who checked her over and returned her to her parents.

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