Haliburton County Food Net

The Haliburton County FoodNet believes that all residents of Haliburton County should be able to access food in a way that upholds basic human dignity and that the food is safe, nutritionally adequate, personally acceptable and culturally appropriate.

Everyone has the right to be well nourished and have access to healthy food to promote and maintain good health. A sustainable food system that maximizes self-reliance and social justice is necessary to reach this goal.

In summary, FoodNet works together as a not for profit community networking to ensure all residents of Haliburton County have access to food and do not go hungry.

The Haliburton County Food Net includes representation from:


For more information about FoodNet, to get involved or to donate,
contact Rosie Kadwell, Public Health Dietitian, Chair of FoodNet

705-457-1391 ext. 238 or email rkadwell@hkpr.on.ca

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